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    Norris Training Systems classes are structured to teach exam pertinent material only. We don’t waste your time with details irrelevant to the exam. Students also benefit from our Quiz Systems to prepare them for the exam format.

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    NTS Self-Study Systems are designed from the feedback we have received from hundreds of students that came to us because using self-study programs available elsewhere on the market did not work for them. Our Self-Study Systems are simple yet thorough and provide you with our Quiz Systems and Test Systems along with detailed explanations to the answers to give you the exam prep you need to pass successfully on your first attempt.

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The instructors for Norris Training Systems, Inc. have over 50 years of combined training experience. Our goal is to provide the highest degree of education possible in our field, to develop a positive relationship with individuals that are new to the insurance industry, and to continue the relationships of those individuals that have been loyal to NTS for many years.

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Norris Training Systems provides easy, concise test preparation to help working professionals meet their goals and pass that test! With great instructors and a no-stress environment, I would recommend this program to anyone looking for that extra edge to get the grade. Thanks for all your help!

-- Andrea Schlender, Administrative Assistant Baxter & Associates, Inc March 10, 2014

Norris Training is the fastest and best way to pass your test...period. They tell you what you need to know with great curriculum and knowledgeable teachers.

-- James L Reves, Peoples Insurance March 3, 2014

So, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. It really made a big difference in understanding the material and the test. Also I wanted to share my absolutely horrible experience yesterday lol. Long story short, I was so nervous that when I got there to check in I was 30 minutes early and then realized I had brought my purse but forgot my wallet in my car because I had taken it out to check if I had my IDs. So I go back downstairs and on the way down I can’t find my keys anywhere and sure enough I got to my LOCKED car and theres my keys and wallet in there…… :’(. After bawling like a baby for half an hour I finally got a hold of a locksmith to come unlock my door. He said he’d be there in 10 minutes, so 30 minutes and $120 later I got my keys and wallet out and was almost an hr late taking my test (thank goodness they were so nice to me!). I was so flustered that I almost didn’t even take it. So I took the test anyway, but was definitely not concentrated and cried the whole time lol and took it in 1 hr. I was 100% sure that I failed when I got done. Then she gave me my results and they weren’t anywhere near what I could have done but the important thing is that I passed :). Anyway thought I’d give you a good laugh today, thanks again!!!

-- Laura A, February 21, 2014

I went to Norris training center originally for my property and casualty insurance test and passed with a high score. When it came time to take my life only test, for some odd reason I thought I could go the cheap route with just an online program I found. It was a reputable program, but I was completely and utterly lost! There was no way I was going to pass that test! Finally I made the right choice to go with Norris Training center once more. It was a day and night difference! I went into test day completely and utterly confident and passed with flying colors! Thanks to my instructor at Norris I can now begin the next step of my insurance career!

-- Tyler Miller March 25, 2014

I passed my Life, Health and Accident test this past Saturday! Thank you so much for providing the instruction I needed to be successful! I self-studied for my P&C license 12 years ago and did pass on my first testing attempt, but I must say that would highly recommend taking the class rather than self-studying.

Thanks again!

-- Laurie March 31, 2014

I would like to thank you for your instructions and class I took in Wichita Monday and Tuesday. I took the Life, Accident, and Health test on Friday and passed with a score of 80%. I believe if it wasn't for you and the class I would not have passed today. I look forward to taking future classes for P and C and may even add Crop too. I definitely want to take a Real Estate class also so please let me know when you decide to offer one.

-- Richard Osborn

I have great news, because of your combined help I PASSED!!! I got an 80% with 22 minutes to go. I did feel really good going in. I felt like I knew the material. The first time I took the test I only failed by 7 questions. So I knew I just needed more time and more review of the material.

Thank you both for all your help. Keep up the good work!

-- Angela L., American Family Insurance